Midori – Tiny and speedy web browser

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Apps

Midori is a vert lightweight and speedy web browser . It offers a minimal user interface to browse the web. It is based on webkit – the same engine on which Google Chrome is based. Midori is part of the some default Xfce desktop environment‘s Goodies component. It is the default browser in elementary OS and the Bodhi Linux distribution as well as Trisquel Mini.

If you need a software just to do browsing and watching videos and you are not expecting any great plugin support, then my friends this software is for you. Its download size is < 900 kb  and would only eat 3 mb of your hd space, very little as compared to big players like chrome and firefox. While browsing , It only consumes 12-15 mb on an average but max usage is 25 mb. It is really sleek and nice. 

You can find installation insructions here or download deb , rpm and other packages at pkgs.org.

 It features tabbed browsing , User scripts and user styles support , Opera Like Speed Dial tab  and even Supports HTML5 on Youtube –                                                                   

Well it also features some Extensions such as Adblock, form history, mouse gestures or cookie management. All in all, It is a tiny and speedy web browser . Don’t expect too fancy things from it but  it will do web browsing fine..

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