Organise your music efficiently with Gmusicbrowser

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Apps

It is an jukebox for large collections of mp3/ogg/flac/mpc/ape files, written in perl.There are a lot of music players out there most popular ones are – banshee, amarok etc. Amarok is too much like iTunes and have a kde oriented interface and Banshee is a memory hog. Banshee come pre- installed with new ubuntu, linux mint and other ubuntu based distributions but when it comes to searching through large music collections, Banshee and these popular players come down to their knees. Here is what GMusicBrowser comes to rescue you. ¬†It is an audio player built for Music Fanatics, capable of handling large music collections(> 10,000 songs). As far as searching capabilities go, it seems unbeatable. I scanned about 13.2 gb of songs in about 5 minutes and it didn’t stuck or close like other players.
Installation –

To install it find it in software manager of your distro or visit here. It is available for debian, fedora , gentoo , arch- linux.   

Interface ¬†–

Have a look when i have organised my music collection –

On the top the place where my cursor is enable you to choose from different type of views that gmusicbrowser have. The left has sorted view of all albums and music. The icon is of the  currently playing music album.On top left you have a search bar to find songs amongst your ocean of songs. There is an option of mass rating ( giving rating to songs) and tagging.

 It is also the default player in xubuntu. You can also see shimmer for gmusicbrowser for more eye candy and features. Just drag and drop any song from gmusicbrowser to your file system and it copies the song to the file system. It also have many interesting features and plugins..

Some of its plugins are –

. Support for

. Lyrics and album cover finder

. Notifications using libnotify.

It is a great music media collector and player which helps you to keep your collection organised. It is definitely worth a try..

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