Hotot – A great twitter client for your Linux Desktop

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Apps

There are a variety of twitter apps available for Linux users . New apps just come and go unnoticed . But Hotot caught my sight  and gave me a perfect environment to read and tweet. It has a clean interface divided into 3 neat columns – Timeline , Mentions & Direct Msgs. See how it looks –

As you can see interface is quite clutter free and provides a minimal but beautiful enviroment . The three buttons on top are indicating – Timeline , Mentions & Dm’s. There is also an add button at top so you can add it to see – Retweets by you and others.

It is a full deaktop replacement app. You can search and even modify your profile ( Many clients lacks this feature ) .

Search is intergrated and doesn’t open twitter web page –

Everything is right there about users . His tweets, friends , lists etc. It is great that you can access everything under a common hood.

Hotot features extensions like firewall too to protect you from bad & broken links and spams. You can directly add images , location to your tweets .

As Hotot is still in Alpha there is no “stable” release yet available. In the mean time you can use the Hotot Daily Build PPA to find out what the fuss is about – but be aware this will be buggy. To install – check here.

Visit Hotot Homepage .


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