Mageia 2 Delayed a Month

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Distros

In July Mageia announced the developmental schedule for its second release. At that time Mageia 2 was planned for release on April 4. Now it appears developers and management are pushing back developmental and the final releases in order to “integrate the last stable versions and provide better quality for your favorite distribution.”

Alphas 1 and 2 will arrive as originally scheduled, all other development releases would be delayed. Originally only two alphas, two betas, and one RC were planned before final release, but now there will be an extra alpha pushing the remaining schedule back in some cases to almost a month.

Alpha 1 is still scheduled for November 16, Alpha 2 is scheduled for December 14, with Alpha 3 expected on January 12. Beta 1, orginally scheduled for January 20 is now planned for February 21., Beta 2 is scheduled to be released on March 15. That puts the Release Candidate on April 10 (almost a month later than the original date of March 9).

The final of Mageia 2 will be released on May 3. Hope this delay would ensure to deliver an optimised distro much better than the previous one …



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