Dell, Canonical to sell Ubuntu PCs in China

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Distros, Open Source News


Canonical and Dell are teaming up to sell computers with Ubuntu preinstalled at stores in China. The program, which could help improve the mainstream visibility of the Linux-based operating system, will span 220 retail locations.

According to a statement that Canonical posted – the products will be set up with marketing materials that tout the virtues of the Ubuntu platform. Retail staff will also be trained to explain the products to consumers.

There have been a few incidents where consumers who were confused by the Ubuntu option ended up with a product that they didn’t want or understand—sometimes with foolish results. Dell no longer appears to offer Ubuntu on regular consumer models from its US website. Visiting shows an error message: “no configurations are valid for the chosen filters.”

China is generally thought to be more friendly to Linux on the desktop. Various government agencies in the country have adopted the open source operating system as part of an effort to eliminate piracy in government IT. Many of the government deployments in China reportedly use the native Red Flag Linux & Free Bsd.




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