Its Firefox’s 7th Birthday

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Apps, Open Source News

To help celebrate Firefox’s 7th Birthday, Mozilla has adopted Firefox (aka red panda) cubs at Knoxville Zoo – they can be seen on a live video stream at Firefox Live. The adoption is Mozilla’s attempt to help raise awareness of the species and their endangered status.

The Mozilla Firefox project was created as a branch from the Mozilla Netscape project or rather rose from its ashes by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, who released Firefox 1.0 in November 2004. They felt that the Mozilla suite was too bloated and wanted to create something that could be a stand-alone browser.

Since then there have been regular releases and it has become one of the major browsers. It has grown in popularity and is currently the second most popular browser with approximately 25% of worldwide usage. Throughout its growth it has continued to evolve, adding more localised versions with each new release, increasing its security, adding new features such as add-ons and themes, and leading the adoption of HTML5.

Current stable version is 8 , you can download it here



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