Backup Repository programs with APTonCD

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Apps


Many times when we reinstall our favorite  OS, we complain about downloading your favorite programs again that are downloaded via Apt repos. Oh man, that’s heavy ! To avoid such situations , there is an app for you called ApTonCd which creates a backup for all your favourite apps. Unfortunately , it is only available for debain based distros, still it is better than nothing.

Installation -Open terminal and type – sudo aptitude install aptoncd     or visit their download page for .deb packages.

The first screen you will get –


 Choose either to create an installation disc and backup your softwares or restore an earlier created disc.

When  you choose the create option , you would be prompted to select the programs you want to be included in the backup disc . you can also add additional downloaded debian packages –


After that you would be prompted to choose options of cd/dvd burning and that’s all. After this simple dvd burning process is carried on and your disc is ready for restore, as simple as that. So backup your programs right now and don’t bother to download them again.




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