Development on uTorrent Client for Linux on Hold

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Apps, Open Source News

In September last year, uTorrent Server was released for Linux and the company  promised that soon a standalone desktop client will be made available for Linux which hasn’t appeared till yet.

There has not been any word about desktop client since then. So, the folks over at TorrentFreak contacted BitTorrent and asked them about the current status of development. They were told that there are other priorities at the moment more important then Linux desktop client that possibly can be the utorrent plus project aiming for premium services for a price.

One of the developers further explained that Linux desktop client will now need lots of work as uTorrent client for other platforms has evolved considerably since the original plans for Linux client were laid down.
This definitely means uTorrent Linux client has been put on hold.
The question is Do we actually need a uTorrent client for Linux ? Don’t we have enough good clients ? I personally recommend Tixati whereas transmission and vuze are also good.

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