Lone survivor – a great psychological horror game for Linux

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Games
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Lone survivor is a great psychological horror / Thriller Indie Game and the best part is – its available for linux too. In the game you are Stuck in a decaying apartment block full of monsters with your own hallucinatory nightmares.  This is more ‘survival and horror’ than it is ‘survival horror’ – you awake each day get tired and must sleep, slowly wiping out the useful resources available to you, the likely danger zones, and the shortcuts between and around each.

Once You’ll get a little further in the game, you’ll unlock new routes, and can assemble items that will ease your life. Find a new gas canister and you can cook food. Find a bucket to collect that persistent drip from your apartment ceiling and you have a supply of fresh water.  All basic necessity should be fulfilled  for survival. Despite the pixel-art style , the game can give you shivers , the beautiful soundtracks and deep environment will incite you to keep going.

I’ll keep the words short as reading is quite boring. Watch the video review by super indie spotlight and judge yourselves ..


Buy it – Here


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