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Lone survivor is a great psychological horror / Thriller Indie Game and the best part is – its available for linux too. In the game you are Stuck in a decaying apartment block full of monsters with your own hallucinatory nightmares.  This is more ‘survival and horror’ than it is ‘survival horror’ – you awake each day get tired and must sleep, slowly wiping out the useful resources available to you, the likely danger zones, and the shortcuts between and around each.



Steel Storm 2 Game Coming For Linux

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Games


Steel Storm 2 would be released for linux  a successor to  great  indie action shooter game Steel Storm .  But Steel Storm 2 will be a first person shooter.

Development is still early on for Steel Storm 2, but it’s now been publicly announced and there’s a teaser web-site. The teaser site reads “Steel Storm 2 is an old-school FPS in the spirit of Doom and Quake. It’s spin off in the original Steel Storm universe. Linux is served first.”

There’s also a development blog too, now particularly it is  somewhat light on content.


There is a 75%on Amnesia : The Dark Descent and Penumbra Collection this Halloween weekend. Amnesia and Penumbra are survival horror games from Frictional Games Studio. They are indeed a must have for all linux gamers who have interest in horror survival action.

In both the games you can’t carry a weapon ( Or I can say don’t have a weapon ) . I have played Amnesia – the dark descent and it was quite scary and enjoyable. Its story was quite appreciable .Though i’m not writing a review here but i can ensure you that every single penny of your’s won’t be a waste. Buy this you won’t regret it.



The online Linux game download store Gameolith have launched two new sites for European and UK customers to purchase games in their own currencies.

Prior to this launch all users purchased games in United States Dollars ($) irrespective of their locale.

Now and arrival users to buy game titles in Euros (€) and Pound Sterling (£) respectively.


Teeworlds is a fast-paced 2d sidescrolling multiplayer-only shooter played on a computer. The game features cartoon-themed ( more like worms ) graphics and physics, and relies heavily on classic shooter weaponry and gameplay. In the game, you roleplay a Tee, a cute ball who carries  various weaponry (  sometimes bigger than the tee itself) and a hook , allowing some Spiderman like movement. Teeworlds is open source and runs on all major operating systems.

Teeworlds gameplay can, despite it’s small size, compete with bigger and expensive productions in terms of fun and innovation. What sets Teeworld apart from other sidescrollers game is it’s huge focus on mobility, it’s innovative use of the grappling hook and it’s weaponry. The instant respawn is also well implemented.