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Most of you probably Know about Feedly but those who don’t you should check it out now .

Feedly, originally developed as a Firefox extension , has gained quite an audience for their aesthetically pleasing way of interacting with traditional feeds. The app features close integration with social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.



VAVDA Isn’t some magical video acceleration API that make video playback work great for open-source drivers. It is somewhat Limited to use with chromium HTML5 video support .

The command-line Code for enabling this video acceleration API is¬†–enable-vaapi.

Intel’s open-source driver has supported the Video Acceleration API for a while and when it comes to Sandy Bridge and now Ivy Bridge CPUs the support is quite good and is well capable of offloading most HD content to the graphics processor, various other open-source ¬†drivers are present that can play HD content out-of-the-box. With the latest Chrome/Chromium web-browser, VAVDA/VA-API can now be used to enhance HTML5 video or their Pepper Flash implementation.

Google Chrome Рthe world’s fastest growing browser has just been updated to version 15. Chrome 15 has removed several buggs and optimised  the looks to be more useful.  It has also enhanced the Web store which looks quite similar to the new Android marketplace.

The  New Tab page which allows users to easily access all their apps and most visited pages  is modified and have been divided in two different parts. To switch between the sections, you can either use the section labels at the bottom or simply click on the arrow buttons on the sides of the pages. The recently closed tabs menu has been shifted to the bottom right corner in the new tab page which is quite useful. To remove an app,  you can  drag it and drop it into the bottom right corner. Here’s official Google’s page and video about the changes in the new version.